Hadoop Articles

This is a collection of Hadoop related articles:

Hadoop Web Interface – this article will discuss a technique for creating a Hadoop Web Interface to dynamically submit any job

Testing with the MiniCluster – this article will provide a detailed example of setting and using the MiniCluster to test Hadoop jobs

Error Handling – this article will discuss some techniques for handling Hadoop errors

Install & Configure Cloudera – A brief and concise checklist for Cloudera

Pig Keeps Temp Files – How to use AOP to get around a Pig bug

Log Files with Flume and Hive – Using Flume and Hive to manage regular log files in Hadoop

Oozie Properties and Config Management – Make managing the Oozie config and props easy

Hive Testing with MiniHiveServer2 – How to create and run JUnit test cases for Hive scripts

Dynamically Resize EMR Clusters – Tool to dynamically resize an EMR cluster